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Performance art is a form of that cannot be bought, sold or owned. It is one of the most complex and most entertaining forms of art forms where the performer enjoys, along with hundreds or even thousands of viewers. Performance arts are seeing fresh new ideas that are bringing people from different parts of lives to participate in this. It has seen a surge in popularity with the advent of internet and television.

One of the most recent forms of performance arts to include audience is the Flash mob dance, in which a crowd of strangers bursts into a dance group in the middle of the street, a mall or a park. It is these and many other such performance art events that bring more and more people in love with performance arts and make it as a hobby or even as a full time or part time career.

What is the difference between Slapstick and Deadpan Comedies?

In performing arts, comedy is one of the most important genres when it comes to plays. Comedy involves humorous discourse aimed at amusing people. Comedy can be divided into various sub genres depending upon the delivery method. Deadpan or dry humor and Slapstick are two such sub genres of comedy. Slapstick comedy involves usage of exaggerated acts or violence exceeding the boundaries of common...


What are the other careers in performance arts apart from actually performing?

Performance art is a vast hobby, with different types and numerous genres of performance arts to choose from. People, who enjoy viewing performance arts as a hobby, do not necessarily have to be interested in playing as a performer for other audiences. However, if a person is in love with performance arts and wants to base his or her career in this area then there are many other options apart fr...


What is a Ballet and how is it a performance art?

Ballet is a kind of performance art under the category of dance. It is a formalized kind of performance dance that originated in the 15th century in the Italian Renaissance courts. This art was further developed in Russia, France and Britain, as a form of concert dance. Ballet is one of the most technical dance forms and has a vocabulary of its own. Specialized schools called Ballet Schools teac...


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