What is a Ballet and how is it a performance art?

Ballet is a kind of performance art under the category of dance. It is a formalized kind of performance dance that originated in the 15th century in the Italian Renaissance courts. This art was further developed in Russia, France and Britain, as a form of concert dance. Ballet is one of the most technical dance forms and has a vocabulary of its own.

Specialized schools called Ballet Schools teach students ballet throughout the world. It is essentially a poised form of dance technique that is performed accompanied along with classical music. The dance incorporated techniques from many other dance forms and requires a person to be physically fit and have an above average level of flexibility and balance, which is trained during training. It involves precise acrobatic movements, flowing and improved focus on pointe work.

Dancers are usually dressed in a short white French tutu, in order to let the legs be exposed, one of the most important parts of the body. Classical ballet involves dancers wearing pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are heavily darned at the tip to allow the dancers to put their entire weight on their toes and appear weightlessness. Conflicting to large scale belief that ballet is only an art form for women, it is actually also a form of art in which men also take part. However men only make a minority in all forms of ballet.



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