Types of Performance Arts

Dance: Dance is a form of performance art where a performer uses in body as the medium of art. Human movement is used to express a performance, which may be scripted or unscripted or choreographed. It can be expression at a spiritual, social or performance setting. Performers or dancers are trained and usually practice numerous times, before actually performing in front of a live audience. The art of making dances is known as Choreography. A definition of dance differs from society to society and from one type of dance to another or from the moral constraints that it holds.

Drama: Drama is essentially performing a particular story in front of an audience. A performer used his body, voice and facial expressions to depict a story to the crowd, in order to entertain them. A combination of music, dance, speech, spectacle, lights and gesture is used in ordinary performance arts. A few different types of performing arts are ballet, illusion, musicals, pantomime, musicals, classical dances, etc.

Music: Music is one of the most interesting forms of performance art. It is an academic discipline, which focuses on three major career paths, music education, musicology and music performance. Here music does not refer to any musical instruments. It is one of the oldest forms of performance arts, that was used to entertain people. There are four parts of music that need to be learned in order to be an expert at them: rhythm, timbre, dynamic and the pitch.



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