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Performance arts are fast gaining in popularity around the world. Numerous venues meant for performance arts are coming up everywhere. Performance arts have become a weekend activity for many people, who flock to the many free and paid venues to be part of them. Most lovers of performance arts don't just love watching performance arts, but also in one way or the other get involved in this unconventional art form that pushes a person to his or her creative best.

Today reputed schools and universities are offering courses in performance arts and also provide a means of learning from the best in the business. There are degrees such as Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and also Master of Fine Arts, where a person specializes in one specific type of performance art. It therefore has never been this easy to be part of performance arts and entertaining and being entertained.

Performance Arts Training

The increasing popularity of performance arts is leading to numerous art schools popping up everywhere around the world. These art schools offer specialties in various types and genre of performance art. One has to be certain of what type and genre of performance art is one interested in before choosing a course. The courses offered at these institutions hugely varied, making the decision that m...


Types of Performance Arts

Dance: Dance is a form of performance art where a performer uses in body as the medium of art. Human movement is used to express a performance, which may be scripted or unscripted or choreographed. It can be expression at a spiritual, social or performance setting. Performers or dancers are trained and usually practice numerous times, before actually performing in front of a live audience. The a...


Scholarships for Performing Art Schools

One of the most important things one requires to become an artist is a formal education in performing arts from an art school or a university, which will provide the necessary training along with the soft skills required to become a good artist. Today the performing arts industry demands for people with credentials from a reputed art school in addition to the talent one possesses. There are nume...


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