Performance Art Venues

Performing arts are held round the year in various types of venues. There are various different types of venues in which the performing art shows are staged. Few of the conventional venues include: Street Theaters include various theatrical and performing arts performances which are held at public places, usually outdoors which includes car parks, shopping centers and parks, where there is a pre...


Musical Equipment and other Tools for Performance Arts

Staging of all types of performing arts require certain equipments that are necessary to bring musical and visual attraction to a performance. A wide range of musical equipments are used in performance arts which includes pianos, guitars, drums, clarinets, flutes, saxophones and various other percussion, wind, string, electronic and keyboard instruments to create various different types of music...


Ensemble, Make Up and Background Personnel for Performance Arts

Since performance art uses the body of a performer as the medium of presentation, a performance artist needs to be dresses accordingly. Make up helps in amplifying the facial features, which is required for expressing emotions, without using words. Apart from ensemble and make up, the supporting cast of a performer is very important, and something that differentiates between a good performance a...


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