Musical Equipment and other Tools for Performance Arts

Staging of all types of performing arts require certain equipments that are necessary to bring musical and visual attraction to a performance. A wide range of musical equipments are used in performance arts which includes pianos, guitars, drums, clarinets, flutes, saxophones and various other percussion, wind, string, electronic and keyboard instruments to create various different types of music.

Using musical instruments is not enough to create an appealing environment for the audiences. Hence, to improve the quality of the performance, apart from instruments, theaters and playhouses require acoustic and noise control settings to be incorporated into the design and fabrication of the structure. The acoustic settings includes proper placement of speakers, acoustic doors and panels , soundproofing of walls, flooring and ceilings in order to deflect, absorb, reflect sound and to minimize the noise. Even the seating equipments, music stands and various other furnishings used in these theaters are acoustically designed to improve the sound quality inside the venue.

The lighting arrangements in the theaters may use natural illumination, artificial illumination or both depending upon the structure and design of the theater and the requirements for the particular play. Various different types of illuminating sources are used for lighting the venues which includes the usage of stage lightings which can be easily adjusted and are movable. The performance lightings used in the venues employ reflectors, color filters, dimmers, and lenses, mechanized and manual aiming lamps in addition to spotlights and flood lamps which are controlled by a team of qualified professionals.



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