What are the other careers in performance arts apart from actually performing?

Performance art is a vast hobby, with different types and numerous genres of performance arts to choose from. People, who enjoy viewing performance arts as a hobby, do not necessarily have to be interested in playing as a performer for other audiences. However, if a person is in love with performance arts and wants to base his or her career in this area then there are many other options apart from being under the limelight. A performance art requires extensive planning beforehand, in order to involve the audience. Some of the exciting and popular careers in performance art are writer, painter, art director, music director, lighting specialist, background musician, choreographer, dresser, stage decorator, etc.

An art director is responsible for creatively expressing the script to the audience and needs to use unconventional ways to express what the writer is trying to say. He is also held with the task of training the performers to get the script to the audience. A music director is responsible for the background or the primary music on which the performance is based on. A writer is responsible for writing the script that will be the heart of the performance. A dress designer will be given the responsibility to dress the performers appropriately. A choreographer's role is central in a dance based performance, where his or her role is to decide on the kind of steps that are needed by the dancers.



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